Organisational renewal is an absolute and urgent priority, and we may go as far as to say, to the survival of our great movement.”
– ANC 54th National Conference, December 2017


The Morogoro Consultative Conference, which took place 50 years ago, launched a period of renewal and revitalisation in the ANC.

The ANC is now at a similar moment. The 54th National Conference initiated a period of renewal and rebuilding; the task now is to complete that renewal.

“No one in the movement can be content with the present situation; all must be aware of the deepening malaise such as we have never known before.”
– OR Tambo: Morogoro Conference 1969

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Click to read the 1969 Morogoro Conference document here Freedom Charter Strategy and Tactics NEC Report


As the African National Congress, we have embarked on a path of renewal and rebuilding. Today is a call to action to the people of South Africa. It is a call to join us on this journey of hope and renewal.”
– President Cyril Ramaphosa


Every ANC member needs to play an active role in making the renewal a reality. ANC supporters, join the ANC and become part of the renewal movement.

This is what you can do:

Be a member in good standing

  • make sure your membership is up to date

Be an active ANC member

  • attend and participate in meetings
  • take an active role in your branch

Understand ANC policies and the Constitution

  • participate in ANC programmes
  • deepen your political understanding by attending political education courses

Be the people’s champion

  • put the community first
  • get involved in projects that build our communities
  • build social cohesion

Subscribe to ANC Today

  • join, follow and engage on ANC social media platforms


The ANC President has issued a rallying call to all government officials to “Khawuleza” and move with speed in delivering services. We have taken up the challenge to serve “Thuma Mina” now. It’s time to accelerate delivery…

#Khawuleza! | (hurry up)

ANC members in public office need to be agents of change

  • provide ethical leadership
  • fight corruption in all its forms
  • speed up delivery of services to improve the lives of South Africans
  • be a selfless champion of the people


The ‘Through the Eye of a Needle’ document is the blueprint that guides renewal.

Points from “Through the Eye of a Needle” on how to live up to the qualities of a leader

  • lead by example
  • do not use your leadership position to gain material possessions or status
  • do not seek popularity by undermining those in leadership positions
  • win people’s confidence
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